450E Series™

The Best Value Choice.

The 450E Series™ engine is compact, lightweight and simple to operate - with reduced vibration, quieter operation and enhanced handling.
Excellent engines to count on, to get the job done.


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Oiled Foam Air Cleaner

Provides protection against airborne debris entering the engine

Lo-Tone™ Muffler

Delivers low noise and good tonal quality

OHV Technology

Optimized performance that delivers longer engine life and improved fuel economy.

Magnetron® Electronic Ignition System

Ensures maintenance-free, easy starting.

Mechanical Governor

Controls the engine speed to deliver more usable power under heavy usage.

Low Permeation Fuel Lines

More environmentally friendly

Splash Lubrication

Ensures adequate lubrication throughout the crankcase during normal operating conditions.

Float Feed Carburetor

Optimized fuel delivery for improved startability and superior performance.

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